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Behind Enchanted Windows

As snow begins to fall, Mum returns home with a paper advent calendar for Julia. Bitterly disappointed and taunted by her brother’s chocolate calendar, Julia storms off to her room.


But there’s more beyond the paper windows than she first sees…


As Julia pulls open the first glittering door, she is transported into a world of magic and mayhem ruled by the tyrant Leo the Liar, who is tearing down enchanted homes and replacing them with money-making chocolate ones. With her band of misfit fairytale friends, Julia embarks on an extraordinary adventure to save Calendar World, rescuing princes from towers, flying in bathtubs and turning once upon a time on its head. 


Behind Enchanted Windows is a magical, charming and mischievous show that reminds us all that our imagination is greater than any gift we can give. Although, we’ll take the chocolate too!


Based on Cornelia Funke’s (Inkheart) best-selling book, this new musical is a sparkling Christmas adventure for all the family.


Julia Wagner

Music & lyrics

Katie Butler

Additional lyrics

Sarah Gordon


Emma Butler


Lily Howkins


Workshop – December 2022

Christmas 2023 (TBC)

svgA Hundred Words for Snow