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Boy Parts

Irina takes erotic photos of average looking men. Always behind the lens, she watches, she moulds, and she stalks. These boys are putty in her hands, just the way she likes it.


When the opportunity to show her photographs in a fashionable London gallery – “darling, you just don’t get chances like this in the North” – coincides with a new boy to obsess over, cracks begin to appear. How far can she push her new prey for the perfect shot, or has she already gone too far?


Based on the critically acclaimed debut novel by Eliza Clark (Finalist in Women’s Prize for Fiction) and adapted by Gillian Greer (Meat, Theatre503; Petals, Theatre Upstairs), Boy Parts is a pitch-black psychological thriller that subverts the erotic gaze and asks what happens when our need for connection gets twisted.


Directed by Sara Joyce (Dust by Milly Thomas; Fringe First winning The Last Return) and produced by Broadway World “Best New Production” award-winning Metal Rabbit Productions (Radiant Vermin & Cuckoo, Soho Theatre) and Soho Theatre.


Book by Eliza Clark

Adapted by Gillian Greer


Sara Joyce


Aimée Kelly

Video designer

Hayley Egan

Set designer

Peter Butler

Lighting designer

Christopher Nairne

Sound designer

Tom Foskett-Barnes

Casting director

Jacob Sparrow

Production manager

Ryan Funnell & Jake Hughes

Assistant director & stage manager

Katie Jackson


Metal Rabbit Productions & Soho Theatre


Soho Theatre – 19 October – 25 November 2023