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A new comedy reimagining the life of Fanny Mendelssohn.


You’ll probably know her younger brother, Felix Mendelssohn, from 19th century smash-hits like: ‘The Wedding March’. He was the Cliff Richard of his day and was even asked to play at a personal concert for Queen Victoria. But only if he played her favourite piece of music ever, a song called: ‘Italien’.

However, we now know that Felix was forced to admit to the Queen that, in actuality, the piece had been composed by his sister, Fanny, and simply published under his name!

Felix. Publishing under a male’s name? Nobody would believe it!
Fanny. Shall we ask George Elliot how believable it is?
Felix. What’s he got to do with it!

FANNY! imagines that Fanny intercepts a letter addressed to ‘F. Mendelssohn’ inviting Felix to play for Queen Victoria. She decides to hide the letter, dress-up as her brother and take his place at the palace! This is a fun and irreverent show indulging in classical music whilst celebrating the work of a composer overlooked because of her sex.


Calum Finlay


Katie-Ann McDonough

Creative associate

Charlie Russell


23 May – 15 June 2024 – Watermill Theatre

Reading – February 2023

Workshop – August 2020

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