As teenagers, Emma, Joe and Polko thought they’d never grow apart. Then time passed. When Emma returns to the suburb of their childhood ten years later she discovers nothing, and everything, has changed. Joe is stuck, living with his mum while working part-time in a hotel; and Polko has vanished, leaving a cloud of stories and misremembered nights in his wake. Set in the front-seats of a parked car, Polko is a modern memory play about the places we call home, and the people we leave behind.


Angus Harrison


Emily Ling Williams


Rosie Dwyer

John Macneill

Elliot Norman

Set designer

Evelyn Cromwell

Sound designer

Lung Dart

Lighting designer

Luca Panetta

Stage manager

Ella Godbold-Holmes


Summerhall – 2 – 27 August 2023

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