When Hector and his sister Claudia build their own pirate radio on the roof, a whole new forbidden world of music explodes around them. Swept into the intoxicating world of hidden punk clubs, smuggled tapes and tattooed revolutionaries, they find the fabric of their life challenged to its core. But how far will the music take them? And what will be the cost?


Scum is based on the true story of Los Frikis, a radical underground punk rock movement in Cuba in the 1980s and 90s who voluntarily injected themselves with HIV in solidarity with victims of the illness persecuted under Castro’s government. It’s a powerful and polemical exploration of the political power of music and the cost of protest; of anger, revolution, and to what brave or desperate lengths people will go to do what they believe is right.


Tatty Hennessy


Joe Hufton & Fumi Gomez


Park Theatre workshop – Autumn 2018

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